Navigating the Road to Recognition: Unlocking Your Creative Potential as an Artist

In a world brimming with creativity, the challenge for artists, fashion designers, makers, and other visionaries lies not just in crafting masterpieces, but in getting those creations noticed. The journey from obscurity to recognition demands strategic efforts that extend beyond the studio walls. This article from the James Hickey Studio explores seven ways you can lead yourself from the shadows into the limelight. Build a […]

Dance Company Photography - Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre with James Hickey and Tatiana Junqueira

Why Working with a Freelance Brand Photographer Is Beneficial

If you’re in the business of branding, you know that images are key. Whether it’s creating an eye-catching logo or taking stunning product photos for your website, visuals can make or break your brand. But what’s the best way to go about getting professional photography? Should you hire an in-house team or work with a freelance brand photographer? In this blog post presented by James […]

7 Secrets to Appearing Confident (Whether or Not You Really Are)

We all have moments of self-doubt or insecurity. It’s a normal feeling that often appears in how we present ourselves to the world. Sometimes, we can look less confident than we feel. But we can also look more confident than we feel! There are simple ways to overcome a lack of confidence and believe more fully in yourself, and there are also tricks to appearing […]

Zara Bedel by James Hickey Photographer.

Artist in fine art photography

The world of fine art photography is with many talented photographers known for their artistic vision and unique contributions to the medium. Here are some well-known fine art photographers who have made a significant impact in the field: Ansel Adams: Ansel Adams is one of the most renowned landscape photographers in history. His black-and-white images of the American wilderness, particularly the national parks, are iconic […]

fine art photographer Ansel Adams

Modern artists influential in photography of today

Modern art photographers continue to emerge and make significant contributions to the genre. While the popularity and influence of individual photographers can vary over time, here are a few contemporary photographers known for their work in the realm of pop art photography: David LaChapelle: David LaChapelle is a highly influential contemporary photographer known for his vibrant, surreal, and often provocative images that incorporate elements of […]

james hickey san francisco photographer

Architectural photography magazines to consider in the San Francisco Bay Area

Looking to get your San Francisco Bay Area architectural and/or real-estate images published? While there are no specific architecture and design magazines exclusively based in the Bay Area of California, there are regional editions or publications that cover the area alongside other regions. Here are some prominent magazines that cover architecture and design in the Bay Area: California Home+Design: California Home+Design is a magazine that […]


Black and White Poolside Fashion and Beauty Photography

#LasVegasModel @ally.renee1 ? #LasVegasModelingAgency @tngmodels ? #LasVegasPhotographer: @jameshickeystudio ?#LasVegasMakeup: @lesliemakeupmaven ?#PhotoAssistant: @indianawarrior ? #Underwatercamera @realoutex ? Skin Prep @makeupforever ? Foundation @mehronmakeup ? @lauramercier ? Eyes @urbandecaycosmetics @toofaced @maccosmetics ? Face@privatesocietycosmetics @urbandecaycosmetics @katvondbeauty ?Lashes @brikaallc?Lips@ serpentinebeauty @christianaudette @colourpopcosmetics ?Set @makeupforever 

Ally Renne with TNG Models and James Hickey Fashion Photographer

Studio Lookbook Photography for Ladaire Clothing 2018

  Lookbook Photography for Ladaire by James Hickey With a passion for design, travel and vintage art, the Ladaire duo Lilli and Laura founded the luxury goods brand in 2017.  They’ve since been delighting buyers with their vibrant prints and versatile designs using quality materials for the contemporary woman. Now, as they launch their latest Lookbook campaign, the brand aims to capture the attention of […]

Ladaire Lookbook 2018 - fashion photographer James Hickey

In Studio with Celebrity Photographer James Hickey X Serayah

Serayah – Triple Threat  You may know her as Tiana Brown on Fox’s breakout series Empire. At age of 22,  Serayah is making a name for herself as A Triple Threat entertainer who’s not going away anytime soon (so get to know the name). Here she’s covering Sheen Magazines February Issue. Read on to find out more about the Actress, Singer & Model. Sheen Magazine’s cover […]

Serayah Magazine Cover by James Hickey

Sheen Magazine January February 2018 Cover Feature: The Year of Niecy Nash

The Year of Niecy Nash Niecy Nash is best known for her work on Reno 911, Guess Who, Claws and G-Force. The comedian, model, actress and producer swept into James Hickey Studio with full force charisma and genuine likeability. Booked by Sheen Magazine for it’s January cover story, “The Year of Niecy Nash,” the entire crew was on point. Also, Niecy gives the best hugs. […]

Neicy Nash photo by James Hickey

Lil Nate Dogg in the House of Hickey

“Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg has ruled my hip hop favorites list since the first time I heard it 23 years ago and I’ve never tired of it. Moreover, if we left it up to Buddy, Nate Dogg would probably be the king of the world. So when the son of G Funk royalty Nate Dogg, Nathaniel Hale Jr., a.k.a. “Lil Nate Dogg” and […]

Rapper Lil Nate Dogg by musician photographer James Hickey in Los Angeles

House of Hickey Trends: Sports Inspired Fashion

Sports Inspired Fashion by #houseofhickey Sports inspired fashion is admittedly nothing new. Since the beginning of the five-day work week and eight-hour work day in the mid-20th century, we’ve needed clothing designed for the enjoyment of increased leisure time. The fact is, fashion has run through sports inspired trend cycles innumerable times. Still, we of the House of Hickey are excited to examine sports inspired fashion […]

Sports Inspired Fashion by Miles Aldridg Vogue

Music Photographer James Hickey’s Palm Springs Life with DJ Havana Brown

By Tatiana Junqueira One of the benefits of being a music photographer is the people.  We recently met up with DJ Havana Brown and Vince, her manager and husband in Palm Springs, CA. The couple had chosen a hotel befitting of the aesthetic and providing the perfect setting for some bohemian cowgirl fashion. I have to say, the girl has more than her fair share of […]

havana brown - james hickey Los angeles music photographer

Erika Jayne in the House of Hickey

Erika Jayne in the House of Hickey By Tatiana Junqueira If you’re a Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, like dance club music, or you’re just particularly rad, you’ve probably heard of Erika Jayne, aka @theprettymess.  The lady is unapologetically living the dream that many woman want – possessing the resources and talent to become the pop star she was meant to be, at an age that defies pop […]

Erika Jayne concert poster by Music Photographer James Hickey

Freedom Model’s Alyssa Sky

Los Angeles Beauty Photographer James Hickey By Tatiana Junqueira Freedom Models has a distinctly unique vision and talent for finding particularly stunning models like Alyssa Hudson (aka Alyssa Sky on Instagram). Electing the concept of a clean beauty editorial, we brought in a talented and creative team. We’d been woo-ing make-up artist Julie Taing for several months and were thrilled when her schedule opened up for the shoot – we […]

Alyssa Sky with Freedom Models and Los Angeles Beauty Photographer James Hickey

Adore 2017 Denim Campaign, by Fashion Photographer James Hickey

Adore 2017 Ad Campaign Denim Campaign by Fashion Photographer James Hickey By Tatiana Junqueira Adore Apparel is upping it’s brand ante with the addition of some fresh denim looks for 2017 and chose fashion photographer James Hickey to shoot this year’s campaign. The new ready-to-wear separates in distressed washes and the on-trend patches are, besides rad, admittedly a nod to the millennial market. Still, denim is ageless, and wears well with the […]

Contrast Magazine Features Havana Brown, by Los Angeles Musician Photographer James Hickey

DJ Havana Brown, by James Hickey Los Angeles Musician Photographer For Havana’s cover shoot and interview with Contrast Magazine, she chose to work with long time creative ally and musician photographer James Hickey for the accompanying editorial. Opting for high octane, fashion forward rock star looks, stylist Haley Camille selected several pieces by L.A. Roxx, also favored by the likes of pop stars Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, […]

Contrast Magazine 2017 Cover with Havana Brown by Los Angeles Musician Photographer James Hickey

Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre – Dance Company Photography by James Hickey

Dance Company Photography with The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre and James Hickey Studio The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre recently commissioned James Hickey Studio to shoot their dance company photography. Leveraging James’ fashion photography expertise and Tatiana’s nine years as a ballet student, the team was able to dial in optimal ballet pose angles throughout the shoot. Extra care was taken to bring out the timelessness and beauty of the […]

Dance Company Photography - Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Senior Company photo by James Hickey

Los Angeles Musician Photographer James Hickey for DJ Duo Traveler Raver Magazine Interview

EDM Duo in the House of Hickey David Bowie or Queen fan, anyone? Yeah, you’re not alone. We’ll jump right to it and direct you to the Traveler remix of “Under Pressure.” As far as we have devised, the track can be found on Sound Cloud. If you happen to enjoy EDM, you’ll dig this song and the wealth of other Traveler remixes available. Now, Peitzke and Zander, […]

Raver magazine Interview with Zander and Peitzke of Traveler. Photo by Los Angeles Musician Photographer James Hickey

Natural Beauty Photography with Elite Model Terra Grantham

Natural Beauty Photography with Elite Model LA Inspired by our recent beauty photography work with Ms. Lauren Bennett of G.R.L., we’ve decided to spin out our own beauty editorial concepts. For this first natural beauty editorial, we aligned with model Terra Grantham of Elite Model LA. Focusing on an incredibly clean, “no makeup” look, with minimal contouring and flushed skin, Julie only maximized the freckles, which are having […]

Los Angeles Beauty Photography - James Hickey and Elite Model Terra Grantham

House of Hickey Trends: The State of Denim 2016

Surprise Me Denim Denim is having it’s own renaissance these days. Designers are letting their freak flags fly and their imagination is the limit with new designs. James and I have been calling it “surprise me” denim. There are so many variations and new ways of wearing the classic humble material in 2016, one might be overwhelmed at the options. Not to stress! Just pinpoint what […]

Model Jade Amber Fashion by Los Angeles Fashion Photographers James Hickey

Sheen Magazine Cover Shoot with R&B Artist Mya

LA Music Photography Team House of Hickey Shoots Mya for Sheen Magazine R&B artist Mya, best known for her late 90’s and early 2000’s releases “Fallen,” “Case of the Ex,” “It’s All About Me,” and “My Love is Like… Wo” is playing the longevity card. She’s still making music today.  In fact, the woman spends most of her time in the studio and has released a […]

Mya for Sheen Magazine by LA Music Photographer James Hickey

House of Hickey Trends: Granny Chic

On the whole, 2016 fashion represents a mash-up of decades where the 70’s and 90’s still reign supreme and elements of the 80’s and 60’s are thrown in for good measure. In other words, fashion is going through a hot mess phase. There is beauty in the craziness, though, and as savvy consumers (and creatives), it’s our job to find it. One of our very […]


An Instagram Affair with Body Language, by House of Hickey

Body Language Instagram Editorial Shoot with Los Angeles Fashion Photography Team James Hickey & Tatiana Junqueira We’re already halfway through 2016. Instagram is the fastest growing social network, and now it has become a favored platform for marketers to reach mobile millennials. Designers are scrambling to create genuine, yet aesthetically pleasing lifestyle content tailored for the image based mobile app, as is the case with Body Language Sportswear.  The […]

Body Lanaguge FW 2016 by LA Photographer James Hickey

Nick Wilson Fashion Editorial by James Hickey & Tatiana Junqueira, Los Angeles Fashion Photographers

Nick Wilson Gets Iconic with House of Hickey for Astonish Magazine Nick Wilson (@nickwilsonO) is a consummate gentleman managing optimism, with a keen sense of humor (the man does stand-up too!) and a wholesome nature. The model/actor is versatile, with an inherent ability to transform into any character he steps into.  Ask him to jump and he busts out with trained ballet leaps.  Suggest he embody icons […]

Nick Wilson Fashion Editorial for Astonish Magazine by Los Angeles Fashion Photographers James Hickey & Tatiana Junqueira.

Lauren Bennett Fashion Editorial by James Hickey, Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

Lauren Bennett Fashion Editorial for Astonish Magazine They say timing is everything, and this post is no exception. We’re thrilled to announce the latest #houseofhickey editorial featuring Lauren Bennett (@laurenbennett) for Astonish Magazine, hitting the newsstands now. Meanwhile, the singer, dancer and model best known as a member of the girl group G.R.L and Pussy Cat Dolls just released her latest single Hurricane on iTunes! Indeed, this multi-talented creative is bringing it. She’s on […]

Lauren Bennett editorial for Astonish Magazine by Los Angeles Fashion Photographers James Hickey and Tatiana Junqueira

Los Angeles Fashion Photographers – James Hickey & Tatiana Junqueira

House of Hickey Androgynous Editorial with Astonish Magazine By Tatiana Junqueira Introducing the first published fashion editorial representing the collaboration between Los Angeles fashion photographer James Hickey and myself, creative partner Tatiana Junqueira (a.k.a. House of Hickey #houseofhickey).  We present to you “Two of a Kind,” an editorial marking the beginning of a series of our combined creative vision. We are now reaching new markets and minimizing some of the […]

Vauje Editorial for Astonish Magazine by Los Angeles Photographers James Hickey and Tatiana Junqueira

Zara Bedel Editorial – Los Angeles fashion photographer

Lookbook Fashion Editorial Los angeles fashion photographer By Tatiana Junqueira Every once in a while, we produce our own fashion editorial content, rather than client work.  It’s always thrilling to have creative control over every detail of the shoot, and so far, the results of our pure teamwork have felt like magic. This was one of those cases. Looking to push the bar forward, James had […]

Zara Bedel by James Hickey Los Angeles Fashion Photographer.

Help Kick MSA with Vince Neil of Motley Crue

By Tatiana Junqueira As they say, it takes a real man to cry, and Vince Neil did just that at Motley Crue’s last show.  Now he’s stepping up his “real man” game and is fighting to raise awareness for MSA (Multiple System Atrophy). As he gears up to star in the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, the man has already raised $200k for the Keep Memory Alive charity foundation […]

Vince Neil of Motley Crue helps fight MSA. Photo by LA celebrity photographer James Hickey.

Sportswear Editorial by Los Angeles Fashion Photographer James Hickey

Bodylanguage Sportswear Spring/Summer 2016 Editorial by LA Fashion Photographer James Hickey By Tatiana Junqueira Once celebs like Miley Cyrus, Leanne Rhymes, Brooke Burke and J-Lo all start wearing your sportswear, you’ve pretty much made it.  Old friends Matt Cedeno and Donnie Anderson, who run Bodylanguage Sportswear, are two guys who can make this claim.  They could attribute it to their following – Cedeno is an […]

Bodylanguage editorial by Los Angeles fashion photographer James Hickey.

Los Angeles Music Photographer James Hickey #houseofhickey

Yadea: Music Becomes Her By Tatiana Junqueira Moody, melodic vocals, full of emotion and grit filled the studio during our recent photoshoot with the ingenue known as Yadea (pronounced “ja-day-a”).  We’d been waiting to validate her potential, so we listened intently, realized that we were dealing with true talent and carefully contained our excitement.  “My music is a fusion of R&B, trap and hip hop.” she said, […]

Yadea in water by Los Angeles music photographer James Hickey.

Havana Brown Releases Crave Vol. 10, Cover Shot by James Hickey

Havana Brown Releases Crave Vol. 10, Cover Shot by James Hickey Havana Brown, Australian DJ and pop star sensation, just recently released her latest album, Crave Vol. 10, the Diamond Edition.  With rumors of a new album intended to debut a new sound and her recent engagement news, the girl is on fire, making herself a household name in the US. In celebration of the Crave […]

Havana Brown Crave The Diamond Edition Vol. 10 by Los Angeles Music Photographer James Hickey

Los Angeles Photographer Teams with AIME Couture for 2015 Bridal Campaign

Los Angeles Photographer James Hickey Teams with AIME Couture for 2015 Bridal Campaign We recently had the luxury of shooting AIME Couture’s bridal couture advertisement and catalog campaign.  In true Los Angeles Photographer James Hickey rebel style, we forewent the typical cliché settings of bridal ads (flower garden, staircase of a mansion, upscale hotel, etc.), instead opting for an austere backdrop of white, bare-branched trees, shrubs and tumbleweeds.  The setting, a pale, whimsical dreamscape, was […]

Los Angeles Photographer James Hickey teams with AIME Couture for 2015 Bridal Campaign

House of Hickey Crashes LA Fashion Week ’15

House of Hickey Crashes LA Fashion Week ’15 This year’s Los Angeles fashion “week” was actually two full weeks of events (Oct. 5th through the 18th) and is run by no less than three seemingly unrelated, competing organizations — Art Hearts Fashion, Style Fashion Week and Fashion Week LA.  As one can imagine, without an umbrella organization calling the shots, the oft conflicting schedules and multitude of informative websites made […]

LA Fashion Photographer at LAFW 2015

James Wolk Graces Cover of Backstage Magazine

James Wolk Graces Cover of Backstage Magazine James Wolk, known for his roles as Bob Benson in Mad Men and renegade zoologist Jackson Oz from CBS’s Zoo, walked into the House of Hickey with a refreshing, positive attitude and was a catalyst for keeping the energy going throughout the production.  He eluded a genuine, cool, sincerity that made him incredibly easy to work with.  We’re exited to see that he […]

James Wolk on the cover of Backstage Magazine. Photo by James Hickey.