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Los Angeles Photographer James Hickey Portfolio of Behind the Scene Photography

Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Photography by James Hickey

Ballet Photography with The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre and James Hickey Studio The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre recently commissioned James Hickey Studio to shoot their dance company photography. Leveraging James’ fashion photography expertise and Tatiana’s nine years as a ballet student, the team was able to dial in optimal ballet pose angles throughout the shoot. Extra care was taken to bring out the timelessness and […]

Dance Company Photography - Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre Senior Company photo by James Hickey

7 Secrets to Appearing Confident (Whether or Not You Really Are)

We all have moments of self-doubt or insecurity. It’s a normal feeling that often appears in how we present ourselves to the world. Sometimes, we can look less confident than we feel. But we can also look more confident than we feel! There are simple ways to overcome a lack of confidence and believe more fully in yourself, and there are also tricks to appearing […]

Zara Bedel by James Hickey Photographer.

House of Hickey Crashes LA Fashion Week ’15

House of Hickey Crashes LA Fashion Week ’15 This year’s Los Angeles fashion “week” was actually two full weeks of events (Oct. 5th through the 18th) and is run by no less than three seemingly unrelated, competing organizations — Art Hearts Fashion, Style Fashion Week and Fashion Week LA.  As one can imagine, without an umbrella organization calling the shots, the oft conflicting schedules and multitude of informative websites made […]

LA Fashion Photographer at LAFW 2015

Lauren Bennett BTS Pastel & Burgundy Fashion Editorial

Lauren Bennett BTS, Pastel & Burgundy Fashion Editorial   We’ll just start by saying that Lauren Bennett, former G.R.L. band member, is not only blazingly multi-talented (singer, dancer, model, fashionista, are we missing anything?), but she is a consummate professional.  From the moment she stepped into the House of Hickey, the lady was on point with her style sensibility and modeling.  In short, she was […]

Lauren Bennett and crew Oscar selfie at James Hickey Studio. Pastel and burgundy fashion editorial.