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The Best AI Image Generators in 2024

Hello, this is Copilot. I am happy to help you with your content creation. You have asked me to customize the line “I can help you with creating an updated blog post for this content. Here is a possible draft:” in the previously generated content. I understand that you want me to elaborate on this line and make it more engaging and informative. I also […]

Transforming Celebrity Portraits: Unleashing Creativity with AI

Transforming Celebrity Portraits: Unleashing Creativity with AI As a celebrity photographer, the images I capture are more than just documentation. They’re a form of artistic expression, a chance to tell a story and elevate my subjects beyond the ordinary. AI technology has become an essential and inspiring element in my workflow, allowing me to infuse my work with new levels of creativity and artistry. Use […]

Navigating the Road to Recognition: Unlocking Your Creative Potential as an Artist

In a world brimming with creativity, the challenge for artists, fashion designers, makers, and other visionaries lies not just in crafting masterpieces, but in getting those creations noticed. The journey from obscurity to recognition demands strategic efforts that extend beyond the studio walls. This article from the James Hickey Studio explores seven ways you can lead yourself from the shadows into the limelight. Build a […]

Dance Company Photography - Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre with James Hickey and Tatiana Junqueira

Why Working with a Freelance Brand Photographer Is Beneficial

If you’re in the business of branding, you know that images are key. Whether it’s creating an eye-catching logo or taking stunning product photos for your website, visuals can make or break your brand. But what’s the best way to go about getting professional photography? Should you hire an in-house team or work with a freelance brand photographer? In this blog post presented by James […]

An Instagram Affair with Body Language, by House of Hickey

Body Language Instagram Editorial Shoot with Los Angeles Fashion Photography Team James Hickey & Tatiana Junqueira We’re already halfway through 2016. Instagram is the fastest growing social network, and now it has become a favored platform for marketers to reach mobile millennials. Designers are scrambling to create genuine, yet aesthetically pleasing lifestyle content tailored for the image based mobile app, as is the case with Body Language Sportswear.  The […]

Body Lanaguge FW 2016 by LA Photographer James Hickey

Sportswear Editorial by Los Angeles Fashion Photographer James Hickey

Bodylanguage Sportswear Spring/Summer 2016 Editorial by LA Fashion Photographer James Hickey By Tatiana Junqueira Once celebs like Miley Cyrus, Leanne Rhymes, Brooke Burke and J-Lo all start wearing your sportswear, you’ve pretty much made it.  Old friends Matt Cedeno and Donnie Anderson, who run Bodylanguage Sportswear, are two guys who can make this claim.  They could attribute it to their following – Cedeno is an […]

Bodylanguage editorial by Los Angeles fashion photographer James Hickey.

Los Angeles Music Photographer James Hickey #houseofhickey

Yadea: Music Becomes Her By Tatiana Junqueira Moody, melodic vocals, full of emotion and grit filled the studio during our recent photoshoot with the ingenue known as Yadea (pronounced “ja-day-a”).  We’d been waiting to validate her potential, so we listened intently, realized that we were dealing with true talent and carefully contained our excitement.  “My music is a fusion of R&B, trap and hip hop.” she said, […]

Yadea in water by Los Angeles music photographer James Hickey.