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Sports Inspired Fashion

by #houseofhickey

Sports inspired fashion is admittedly nothing new. Since the beginning of the five-day work week and eight-hour work day in the mid-20th century, we’ve needed clothing designed for the enjoyment of increased leisure time. The fact is, fashion has run through sports inspired trend cycles innumerable times. Still, we of the House of Hickey are excited to examine sports inspired fashion as a top trend for 2017. What is more, we’re predicting it to be a predominant theme in the future of fashion.

Generally speaking, the line between sportswear and professional or formal attire has been clear and impenetrable. Today however, we’re at a tipping point. New trends and brands

Tennis-Ball Bomber at Tory Sport Sports Inspired Fashion
Tory Sport Collection, Fall 2017

like Tory Sport, PE Nation and Body Language Sportswear are breaking through the “nylon barrier.” They’re infiltrating the office, the dinner date and high fashion couture among other classically formal arenas. So much so, that we think sports inspired fashion is here to stay. It may just become our defacto, unofficial daily uniform of the future. Think StarTrek. Those full body unitards, er, futuristic space station “jumpsuits” ensured comfort, warmth, uniformity and modesty, while allowing for full movement. The crew was ready for any action, any time.

It’s not a stretch to imagine a future in which our clothing is designed for increased comfort and practicality. That way, we can engage in every activity of our modern lives without changing, for maximal efficiency. We see this in the athleisure movement that continues to play out. With our day to day lives becoming ever more busy, who has time to change between the office, happy hour and the gym? Why not don attire that works for all of the above?

Versace Sports Inspired Fashion - Estrop/Getty
Versace Sports – Estrop/Getty

Indeed, comfort is a primary factor driving the evolution of fashion.  Even this year’s shoe trends lean toward flats, sneakers, sporty slides or level platforms. Modern women are all but abolishing the heel and prioritizing comfort. But while comfort is a primary driver for sports inspired fashion, increased health awareness is another.

The media has been highlighting how fat we have become for some time now. But while the average American remains overweight, there is a widespread shift toward health and fitness. The proliferation of social media has inundated us with images and stories of people taking their fitness and nutrition to new levels. While comparing ourselves to others is a drawback of the modern health revolution, the inspiration to take better care of ourselves is arguably a beautiful thing.

We would be remiss to not draw attention to the high fashion photography side of sportwear. More often than not characterized by high energy movement, pops of color and flashes of skin and muscle, sports inspired fashion photography excites  and inspires us. It fuses the worlds of health and creativity, and it’s fun. Check out some of our inspirations, below:

 Elle Brazil Sports Inspired Fashion
Dovile Virsilaite & Paolla Rahmeier by Fabio Bartelt, Elle Brazil
Sports Inspired Fashion Elle Vietnam
Jae Shin, Wang Xiao & Sung Hee, Elle Vietnam
Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Sports Inspired Fashion Elle Vietnam
Speedminton GmbH by Qworld ??, Harper’s Bazaar Korea
W Magazine Sports Inspired Fashion
Sharif Hamza, styled by Giovanna Battaglia, W Magazine

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trend if it didn’t hit the streets and eventually the music festival scene that has recently been dominating popular culture. Sport inspired fashion has even been hybridized of late with other fashion themes, resulting in exciting streetwear and fusion fashion houses like “Gypsy Sport“. Ah yes, and then there’s the squatting slavs in tracksuits.

By Tatiana Junqueira

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