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Phase One has a new medium format camera that they just announced at Photokina 2012.

The British Journal of Photography has a press release on the new Phase One 645DF+ medium format camera. The 645DF+, however, now features an enhanced autofocus that “delivers accurately focused images fast, even when shooting in low light or low contrast”, according to the Danish firm. “And with an all-new custom adjustment feature, photographers can fine-tune the alignment of digital backs to the camera. With this photographers can easily match their focus preference.” Read more:

Hasselblad has just announced new H5D medium format camera.

Hasselblad just announced a new medium format camera H5D….. No word on the LCD specs or if they have any new chips, I really hope it competes with the Phase One IQ system features. I love that rear screen digital focus confirmation feature. As always, Im excited our tools and technology are progressing but I always wish for more and see a pattern of smaller incremental improvements than we were trained to expect in the past and my wish list get longer.