Freedom Model’s Alyssa Sky

Los Angeles Beauty Photographer James Hickey

By Tatiana Junqueira

Freedom Models has a distinctly unique vision and talent for finding particularly stunning models like Alyssa Hudson (aka Alyssa Sky on Instagram).

Electing the concept of a clean beauty editorial, we brought in a talented and creative team. We’d been woo-ing make-up artist Julie Taing for several months and were thrilled when her schedule opened up for the shoot – we knew her talents were a perfect fit for clean beauty. With the goal of keeping the makeup very natural, Julie enhanced the luster and vibrancy of Alyssa’s skin to glowing perfection. Hair stylist Grissel Esparza kept Alyssa’s locks soft, airy and gently pulled back in a loose updo to allow the skin to take front seat. The result is a fresh, commercial friendly and gorgeous final look we’re happy to share.

Alyssa Sky with Freedom Models and Los Angeles Beauty Photographer James Hickey

Model: Alyssa Hudson @alyssasky

Makeup Artist: Julie Taing @julie_taing

Hair Stylist: Grissel Esparza @grisselhair

Creative/Producer: Tatiana Junqueira @tjunqueira

Photographer: James Hickey @jameshickeystudio

Location: Studio2209, Los Angeles