House of Hickey Trends: Granny Chic

On the whole, 2016 fashion represents a mash-up of decades where the 70’s and 90’s still reign supreme and elements of the 80’s and 60’s are thrown in for good measure. In other words, fashion is going through a hot mess phase. There is beauty in the craziness, though, and as savvy consumers (and creatives), it’s our job to find it.

One of our very favorite trends of the season, “granny chic,” closely related to ‘librarian chic,” and “geek chic,” has actually been slow-building it’s presence for several years now.  Where it really blew up was on the Gucci runway in early 2015, when Creative Director Alessandro Michele first took the helm. The movement continues, however, and is holding it’s place on the runways for Gucci Cruise 2017. Reason dictates that it just might be a trend with real longevity, considering that half of us will embrace elements of the look anyways, in time.

Perhaps it’s a culmination of the anti-sexy trend of the past couple of years, but in a way we beg to differ – we consider librarians and grandmas totally sexy. I mean, what’s sexier than someone who’s smart and wise? Nothing. Cat-eye glasses, scarves to wrap around your head or neck, pussy-bow blouses, berets, gray hair, eccentric coats or faux-furs, dresses or mid-length skirts, socks worn with heels or loafers and lots of brooches are all elements to incorporate into your granny chic look.  That said, instead of going head-to-toe granny, better to shoot for a balance of kitsch and modern minimalist, for a totally fresh vibe that says “I’m aware and I don’t smell like moths.”

While Gucci may break your wallet, your local vintage store is a likely target to pick up some granny chic accoutrements. Now, if you’re really bent on not smelling like moths, try Topshop, H&M or Zara. Found my beret at the army surplus store.

Baking cookies isn’t necessary to tie it all together, but if you make them, we’ll eat them.  You can send them to 2209 N Broadway…  Gentlemen, you can do the granny look too if you so desire – we’ll think you’re totally cool. And we’re not alone.

Granny chic looks of 2016:

Maja Salamon by Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek for Glamour Poland March 2016.
Backstage at the Gucci Men's Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Show
Backstage at the Gucci Men’s Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Show


Granny chic look early influencers:

Jessica Stam for Pop magazine
Jessica Stam by by Paolo Roversi for Pop Magazine Sept. 2009
Fashion Icon Iris Apfel
Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

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-Tatiana Junqueira